January 10 2001


To Whom It May Concern:


It is a great pleasure to write this letter of referral on the dynamic services rendered by Mr. Clio Eldred, a committed volunteer of the Washington Corrections Center since 1997, providing pastorial councelling and biblical studies to offenders.  Mr. Eldred has also been infulential in the development of institutional choir which has had the opportunity to entertain volunteers, staff and others at numerous events.


As Coordinator for the Community Partnership Program, I have been thoroughly impressed by Mr. Eldred's faithfulness in service to others.  His dedication to the departmental motto: "Working Together for Safe Communites" has been extremely praiseworthy, especially in light of the challenges he overcomes to make it to the facility on a weekly basis.  He has a remarkable ability to minister to the needs of others and has served as a positive role model for change. 


I have found Mr. Eldred to be in sync with the needs of the institution and supportive of institutional concerns of security and safety.  Throughout his service at the Washington Corrections Center, Mr. Clio Eldred has provided an excellent witness that is having a direct impact in reducing the recitivism rate for the state of Washington.  His genuine concern for the welfare of others, coupled with his faithfulness in service, speaks very well of him.


He has been instrumental in bringing numerous singers, choirs, plays (Jesus Christ Superstar) into the facilty to entertain offenders. Mr. Eldred has voluntarily perforemed on behalf of both staff and inmate recognition ceremonies.  He has personally assisted in the growth of the volunteers entering the facility.  Fifteen of the volunteers have completed the "Registerd Volunteer" orientations provided by the Community Partnershp Program and have amassed in excess of 2473 hours of actual volunteer service to the state.  There is no way that the Washington Corrections Center, DOC or Washington State can repay so great an offering of service to others; therefore, with the highest of regards, I submit this letter for Mr. Clio Eldred.


Please feel free to contact me at (360) 427-4599 with any additional questions regarding this letter.






Edward E. Giles

Community Partnership Program Coordinator

Washington Corrections Center