What others are saying.....


When attending some visitor training, the staff was really excited  that some one was going to be able to assist Clio.  One of the staff  said, "You know, Clio is one of the most popular volunteers we have  for working with the prisoners.  He just seems able to make a  difference in their lives. We are glad that he is able to continue his  work."


Thank you,

Dave Shaner



To all who care for lost souls in correctional institutions around the world and most specifically locally in Washington.


About five or more years ago at a men's prayer breakfast in the Lakeview Church of Christ, Clio Eldred announced he needed some help at the Shelton institution teaching the word of God to inmates.  He had to announce this for three months before God convicted me to assist Clio.  Clio and I serviced there together for about two more years.  He has since moved on to another institution and left the Shelton center for me to continue God's work, preaching and teaching the gospel message. 


I was told and read that God's word is living and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword cutting deeper than anything humans can devise. God's word in Matthew 25 convicted me that when I visit the least of those in prison, I did it to my Lord and Savior, Jesus.


I have learned from this experience that we can't truly worship and serve God until we get out of our comfort zone and follow the God of the Bible. Then, and only then, can true spiritual maturity be developed in God's people. Have you denied yourself and taken your God's given cross and followed Christ lately?


In Christian Love,

Bobby Lumpkin